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The Plumb

By Neale A McAulay


Build up your life like the temple of old

With stones that are polished true;

Cement it with love, and adorn it with gold

As all Master builders should do;

Upon foundation, well chosen and strong,

Build now for the ages to come:

Make use of the good, while rejecting the wrong -

And test all your work with the Plumb




Author unknown

Wherever you may chance to be
Wherever you may roam,
Far away in foreign lands;
Or just at Home Sweet Home.

It always gives you pleasure,
it makes your heart strings hum
Just to hear the words of cheer,
"I see you've traveled some."

When you get a brother's greeting,
And he takes you by the hand,
It thrills you with a feeling
that you cannot understand.

You feel that bond of brotherhood
that tie that's sure to come
When you hear him say in a friendly way
"I see you've traveled some."

And if you are a stranger,
In strange lands all alone
If fate has left you stranded
Dead broke and far from home.

It thrills you--makes you numb,
When he says with a grip
of fellowship,
"I see you've traveled some."

And when your final summons comes,
To take a last long trip,
Adorned with Lambskins Aproth Lambskins Apron White
and gems of fellowship.

The tiler at the Golden Gate,
With square and rule and plumb
Will size up your pin and say "Walk In",
"I see you've traveled some."



T is for the tools of the first three degrees
R for every rule as each brother agrees;

O is for the oath, in making all brothers true
W is for the work each one of us must do;

E is for the effort to answer every call
L stands for love...the most important thing of all;

These letters spell TROWEL, and as every brother knows;
It spreads love and friendship, wherever it goes.


by J. V. Perry

What are those shinning symbols
    On that open Holy Book?
That teaches us of Brotherly Love,
    And on it, oaths we took.

I placed my hands upon this book
    And pledged by solemn word,
My fingers touching shinning symbols
    Repeating the oath I heard.

So help me GOD, and keep me steadfast,
    These words my final plea,
And now I'll live my whole life
    By the tenants of Masonry.

We are all Fraternal Brothers
    By the sacred oath we took,
When we placed both hands
    On that open Holy Book.


Tools Of The Trade
by R. Gould
The Entered Apprentice sometimes travels
He uses a gauge and a gavel
He hammers away until the stone is the right size
Then he gives it to the Companion for his eyes
The Companion takes the stone and puts it in place
He uses the square, level and the plumb to make it even faced
Then comes the Master who's been there all the while
He takes the cement and spreads it with his trowel



Working Tools Upon the Shelf


A tool resting upon a shelf
Can do nothing by itself.
But if taken up with purpose pure
It can build and shape for sure

The Mason's tool will help him grow
If he looks inside to learn and know
The tool has a greater message for each
As life's important lessons it does teach.

That tool in his hands can change his life.
Raise him above mortal strife
Used with purpose and with care
He can build a temple fair.

Some tools give a standard true,
To measure our lives through and through
While others shape a character fair
As we learn their lessons there.

The compass around us a circle draws
In which we overlook our flaws
With the plumb line and the level we meet others.
Upright and true we travel with our brothers
The gavel governs and teaches all alike
That our rough edges from us we should strike
Smoothing and shaping as a block of stone
Ready to stand before God's holy throne.

With a twenty-four inch gauge
time is divided into work and rest,
Service to God and to our fellow man -
measured and laid out - drawn by the best.
A trowel binding into a sacred group
spreads the cement of brotherly love
Masons building, learning and growing -
guided with light from above.

 We use our tools most sublime.
And take them up our lives to shape
Tools for learning - tools for growing
Tools for building - tools for knowing.

And when at last our journey ends
And from our hands the tools fall
When tis time to "Part upon the square"
May it be said of each and of all

They knew the lessons which were taught
And with those lessons hard they fought

To build a character so sublime
One noble, upright, pure and fine